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Hotel Barge Athos

Athos was built in 1964 as a commercial wine and grain barge. In 1982 it was eventually converted into a hotel barge and entirely renovated again in 2007, when it was fully equipped with modern luxuries. As one of the few original Canal du Midi barges left on the canal, cruising on the Athos awakens the romance and history of the Canal du Midi and Southern France.


The Athos du Midi is owned and operated by Julian and Dannielle Farrant. Julian has captained the Athos for 25 seasons, traversing the canal more than 5000 times! Led by Captain Julian, a professional crew of two Hostesses, a Tour Guide and accomplished chef deliver first-class food, captivating excursions and fine service. The Athos crew has a well-earned reputation for hosting with charm and skill.


Athos takes 10 passengers in 5 bright cabins. Each cabin has individual air conditioning, en suite bathroom and shower, and reflects the understated beauty of the French countryside. Every cabin can be configured with either twin beds or one queen sized bed. Fresh cut flowers and L'Occitane beauty products are reminders that you're taking in the best of the South of France.


The salon is a cosy, intimate place for relaxing with a book, sipping an apéritif, and enjoying a five-course meal.


The Athos’ outdoor deck is the most spacious and comfortable of any vessel on the Canal du Midi. Dine in the shade or settle into a cushioned, hardwood deck chair for a post-lunch siesta in the warm Mediterranean sun. Feeling adventurous? Take an on-board bicycle and discover what’s up ahead on the towpath, the shore-side trail originally used by horses towing barges.


Does a luxury hotel barge cruise on the Canal du Midi appeal to you simply for the experience of travelling in an original way? Or perhaps to mark and celebrate a special occasion with friends and family? Athos is happy to propose a number of cruise itineraries with events and shore visits suited to a wide variety of interests and age groups.


Come. Join Athos on a most historical and magical cruise on the Canal du Midi.